C3 Becomes a registered Hyvä Supplier

C3 is thrilled to announce that we have officially become a registered Hyva Supplier. This partnership further solidifies our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible eCommerce solutions, and we are excited to work alongside Hyva to bring our clients the highest quality eCommerce themes and extensions. Hyva offers a leading eCommerce theme, […]

Faster Speed and Better Conversion Rates with Hyva and Magento

In September NEA launched its new website using C3 as their strategic eCommerce partner for both design and build. The results have been a huge success posting 20-50% improvements on Conversion Rates. C3 have invested in training the team on Hyva, a new frontend framework that’s emerged from the Magento community. As a result we’ve […]

Time to Upgrade to Magento and Adobe Commerce 2.4.4

Magento and Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is here, enhance your store today… This marks a new step forward in commerce capabilities, security, and performance. 2.4.4 is the fastest, most scalable version ever, helping businesses stay resilient in this everchanging commerce market. 2.4.4 sets a foundation for the next several years of Adobe innovation and enables customers […]

The Cardbleed hack: a stark reminder to migrate to Magento 2

A recent card skimming hack – ‘Cardbleed’ – has compromised nearly 3,000 ecommerce stores operating on the outdated Magento 1 platform. The malicious code allowed hackers to obtain payment information from customers in what has been dubbed as the ‘largest documented campaign to date’.

Experience is King: C3’s Wrap-up of Meet Magento 2020 UK

On Wednesday, C3 attended the annual Meet Magento UK Conference which – due to the current global situation – was hosted online. Instead of cancelling the popular event, the organisers decided to digitise the event and donate all proceeds to charity. Meet Magento UK is an opportunity for agencies, merchants and service providers to come together to discuss the latest industry trends and celebrate a year of progress.

How to Ramp Up Fast and Go Digital

Fast fashion, high street clothing giant Primark recently made the news, as from March-June, their sales have plummeted from £650m per month to absolutely nothing. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the retailer was forced to close all 189 UK stores, and as they have no ecommerce presence, they could no longer trade. And Primark’s situation is far from unique.