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Magento is developed with the idea that every business is unique, and merchants with diverse needs require different options to satisfy those needs. For this reason we offer two powerful platforms – Magento Commerce, a licensed, fully-featured, and supported platform, and Magento Open Source, a free version under Open Software License (OSL) to meet the basic needs of eCommerce merchants.

Performance & Scability

Magento Commerce features an assortment of scalability and performance benefits, including Fastly image optimization (Fastly IO). These features are ideal for more advanced system demands that are generated by extensive product or customer databases, demand peaks that exceed average usage levels, as well as intricate integration requirements.

Account management & support

A Customer Success Manager is available that acts as a doorway into Magento and the wider Adobe organization. They are the day-to-day contact for anything relating to the Magento software and ecosystem, an escalation point for any support issues, provide visibility into our roadmap and explore new commerce solutions with their customers.

Marketing & merchandising tools

The merchandising tools that Magento Commerce offers out of the box are particularly impressive. Features like reward points, rule-based product relations as well as private and flash sales are designed to increase conversion rate, customer loyalty, and average order value. This will, ultimately, facilitate revenue and margin growth for your business.

Content creation & authoring

Magento Commerce’s native content authoring tools allow merchants to create content that looks great, without necessarily having in-depth, technical know-how. The ‘staging’ and ‘preview’ features allow businesses to easily set up marketing campaigns ahead of time, by publishing changes to site elements like pages, products and marketing promotions on a scheduled basis.

B2B & hybrid commerce

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors are increasingly using digital platforms for driving business transformation. But finding an eCommerce solution that can be speedily and cost-effectively tailored can be challenging. Magento comes with a host of tools which enable businesses to combine B2B and B2C on one site, providing flexibility to pursue multiple channels and business models.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence (MBI) is a powerful data warehouse, analysis and visualisation tool that integrates directly with Magento Commerce. This means that viewing and analysing your data is straight forward from the start. MBI can integrate and consolidate data from external sources like web analytics and advertising channels, so you can use one platform to gain a holistic view of the whole business.

Customers, loyalty, & customer service

The customer account and service features in Magento Commerce facilitate effective management of customer service tasks. These include features that support call centre requests, such as managing a customer’s basket, RMAs, returns and store credits. Furthermore, the ability to create bespoke customer attributes allows the collection and import of CRM-style data, significantly enhancing the native segmentation tools.

Commerce Cloud infrastructure

First-class commerce product that is delivered in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud environment. The Magento Commerce cloud provides a dependable AWS-based environment designed to underpin any Magento store deployment. With high availability, scalability, and top performance delivered by high-speed CDN and performance management tools, you can create a top quality experience for your customers.

Magento Order Management

Magento helps businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, through the Order Management system, which creates a seamless cross-channel experience. This enables merchants to sell both online and in store, with the ability to fulfill orders from anywhere. Customers will have confidence in your ability to deliver what they want, where they want it, through options to ship to home or pick up in store.

Client Spotlight


We have worked with Sizzix for 5 years, delivering several global initiatives across their B2B and B2C channels. Recent projects have included integrating a mobile app, and streamlining their business online through creating one central Magento site.

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Client Spotlight


We have been working with Oakhouse Foods since 2015 and over the last year of our partnership, we have focussed on the build and launch of a replatformed site on Magento 2. We worked tirelessly with Oakhouse to develop a site that embodies their mission, through building a deeper understanding of their customer demographic. In the 6 months post launch, Oakhouse Foods have experienced exponential success with their new site. In one week, Oakhouse reported a 300% increase in web sales, resulting in a record week of revenue for the franchise. As their business flourishes and their customer base grows, Oakhouse continue to partner with C3 to ensure the seamless operation and ongoing evolution of their

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Client Spotlight


Back in 2019, Rollover Hotdogs planned to take their first steps into ecommerce with a complete digital transformation project. Having successfully built a site with another member of the Kerry Foods group, Oakhouse Foods, Rollover approached us to develop their B2B site on Magento 2 Commerce. Rollover Hotdogs are a successful B2B business with a large, loyal existing customer base including Co-op, Costco and Cineworld. Orders were previously taken over the phone by their customer service and sales teams. Thanks to their new ecommerce site built by C3, their customers are now able to place orders online, saving time and money for both Rollover and for their customers.

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This is the second site C3 have delivered for us since becoming customers in 2015; with it they have delivered a seamless experience tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. Since delivery we have seen an incredible growth in eCommerce sales, visits, and incredible customer feedback. C3 are more than an agency for us, they are our partners, they guide and influence our decisions and are always there to go above and beyond when we call upon them.

Luke Harrison - Head of Data Science & Systems
Oakhouse Foods
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