Toppling the monolith

I recently wrote about the demise of Magento and alluded to a new approach to eCommerce that we are adopting at C3. Whilst the process of pivoting will take time, I can grant you a peek behind the curtain and reveal what’s got us so excited and why. But first, I feel it’s important to look at […]

Magento is on life support

Since Adobe purchased Magento there has been growing uncertainty in regard to its future. Many merchants have been left wondering about the longevity of their Magento solution, whether or not they should be considering a move, and whether there is much more to see from their investment. With this article I hope to provide some […]

eCommerce TL;DR – Edition 2

In this edition:

  • Organic traffic decreased? – A set of tools on what to do in the event of a traffic downturn.
  • How you can use AI in eCommerce today – Examples of AI applied to eCommerce.
  • Forget AI, focus on BI! – It’s all about the data.
  • Lessons from the top 1000 European retailers – Are you doing these?
  • A note from Jamie on the state of retail.

Lessons From The Top 1000 European Retailers

RetailX is a research and analytics organisation, specialising in the analysis and ranking of top multichannel retailers and brands. RetailX produces regular reports, often geographically based, containing detailed analysis of market performance, consumer trends, and top leading retailer performance – notably including the trends and approaches that these retailers employ. In this post, as part […]

eCommerce TL;DR – Edition 1

October 20th 2023 Introducing the eCommerce TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read!) from C3! Containing the latest news, trends, and goings-on within Digital Commerce, in a time-efficient, bite-sized format. Short on time? Glance through our takeaways below in less than 1 minute. You can always learn more by clicking the buttons on each section. We hope […]