eCommerce TL;DR – Edition 1

October 20th 2023

Introducing the eCommerce TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read!) from C3! Containing the latest news, trends, and goings-on within Digital Commerce, in a time-efficient, bite-sized format. Short on time? Glance through our takeaways below in less than 1 minute. You can always learn more by clicking the buttons on each section. We hope you enjoy our inaugural TL;DR newsletter!

In this edition…

Shopify Levels Up!

Shopify is a SAAS (Software As A Service) Commerce Platforms that allows you to get up to speed rapidly with some of the most powerful features in eCommerce. With over 4,000 developers focused on delivering best in class eCommerce experiences across all their clients’ sites.

This investment and focus on having the richest feature sets available “out of the box” has led to progression being picked up by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce in 2023.

Shopify is also picking up market share versus the other platforms seen in the quadrant and has had a recent focus on its B2B and blended store features.

C3 have been delivering Shopify stores over the years and we now invest our time in staying up to date with all the latest features. We are now actively offering Shopify and Shopify Plus to all our clients whose requirements are met by the platform. Click below to find out more.

Social Commerce is about to BOOM!

A new study by Accenture found that the global social commerce industry is expected to grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025. Along with this Statista report that in the US market, over 47 percent of social media users aged 16 to 34 had purchased products or services on Instagram and 51% through Facebook.

The good news is connecting your store to your socials maybe easier then you think. Meta has even released their own official extension for Magento and Adobe Commerce. For more on how to sell through and sync up your socials feel free to get in touch.

Beware the Malware!

Foregenix have released their quarterly eCommerce Threatscape report for Q3 and what they’ve uncovered is shocking: a 281% increase in Malware in 2023.

What this makes clear is the continued threat that eCommerce store owners face to keep their clients details and payment information safe. The key here is making sure that security assessments are continuous, the admin is not exposed and upgrades are being kept up to date.

For more on the state of security in Digital Commerce dive into the Foregenix report here.

At C3 we are constantly looking for better ways of mitigating the threat of ever-increasing malware. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Site search users convert at 2x the rate of other customers, but poor experience drive them away. Magento’s native search doesn’t cut it any more, so it’s important to pick the right search solution.

Adobe Commerce customers should consider Adobe Live Search, as its features have come on leaps and bounds this year.

SaaS options like Algolia and Klevu can be used on Magento Open Search too, and offer even better customisability, plus speed, semantic search, personalisation, support and API support.

Click below to read the details.

A note from Jamie…

I had the chance to attend this year’s eCommerce Expo in London a few weeks ago. The hot topic was.. can you guess? That’s right, AI. It was all about AI’s big move from buzzword to main player. Vendors weren’t just name-dropping AI anymore; they were diving deep into what makes their AI game unique. Every tool and service going now has an AI offering; stay tuned for future updates from us on which you should pay attention to.

A fun stat from IMRG made the rounds: only 20% of users are hitting homepages, but those who do are buying more. With people spending less time per session, companies are getting creative, like offering deals based on how long you hang around on their site.

Then there’s the chatter about Composable Commerce. Think of it like building with Lego; you pick and choose the best bits for your online shop. This used to be a big-player game, but with a plethora of more flexible tools coming out, even the smaller sites can get in on the action. Oh, and here’s a juicy tidbit for Amazon sellers: turns out, Amazon’s giving a thumbs-up to backlinks from other sites to boost your product’s visibility. And lastly, even though only a few people use the search bars on sites, those who do are way more likely to buy, so making sure that search bar works smoothly? Big win. Be sure to check out our resident Head of Dev’s analysis on the options.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our very first edition of the eCommerce TL;DR. If so, you can expect the next one in your inbox in a couple of weeks. Don’t be shy if you have any feedback.

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