Back in 2019, Rollover Hotdogs planned to take their first steps into ecommerce with a complete digital transformation project. Having successfully built a site with another member of the Kerry Foods group, Oakhouse Foods, Rollover approached us to develop their B2B site on Magento 2 Commerce.

Rollover Hotdogs are a successful B2B business with a large, loyal existing customer base including Co-op, Costco and Cineworld. Orders were previously taken over the phone by their customer service and sales teams. Thanks to their new ecommerce site built by C3, their customers are now able to place orders online, saving time and money for both Rollover and for their customers.



Microsoft NAV Integration

Integration to connect Magento with Rollover’s back-end database and stock management system.

Customer Restrictions

Custom restrictions on order value, product quantities, credit and delivery dates.

Expedited Restocking

The ability for customers to reorder past orders, and view lists of frequently ordered products.

Sales History Warning

Warning message display if an order is very different to historical orders made by a customer in the past.