Please note that this extension is no longer maintained. The latest version has been fully tested to be compatible with Magento 2 up to version 2.4.5. It may work with versions above this, but has not been tested.

C3 pro rata shipping tax

Correctly calculate pro rata shipping tax based on tax rates of shipped products.

Based on HMRC guidelines – this is the only extension that calculates shipping tax correctly for the UK and similar countries that have pro rata rules.

By enabling this extension, Magento can then adjust the rate of shipping tax to match that of the products in an order, whether they are all taxable at the same rate or even a mixture.

For either Commerce or Open Source editions.


Can Magento calculate shipping VAT correctly for the UK?
Of course - just use standard rate. Or zero rate if all your goods are zero-rated.

What if some products are zero-rated and others aren't?
Ah, then sorry - Magento can't calculate your shipping VAT, because according to HMRC, the shipping VAT rate should be "the same rate as the goods being delivered or posted" (see this VAT guidance), so it should be pro rata'ed based on the goods sent. The good news is that this extension adjusts the tax rate for shipping to match the pro-rata rate of cart products


  • Choose to base proportions on inclusive or exclusive prices.
  • Choose which countries pro rata shipping VAT applies to.
  • Correctly displays shipping VAT and total VAT in orders if summaries are enabled.
  • Option to keep either the exclusive or inclusive shipping price fixed.
  • Also works for taking admin orders.
  • Enable/disable by website or store.



Compatible with

2.3.*, 2.4.0-2.4.7


Magento Open Source or Commerce 2.3.* or 2.4.*

Tax must be set up on your site and products in order to calculate shipping tax.

Compatibility & Quality

Use whatever carrier and shipping extension you like.

The pro rata shipping tax extension is developed using the magento 2 plug-in and event architecture to maximise compatibility with other extensions and magento itself. Therefore you can use a custom shipping module such as shipping rules or matrix rates.

Developed by Magento certified developers with a full set of unit and integration tests.