Time to Upgrade to Magento and Adobe Commerce 2.4.4

Magento and Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is here, enhance your store today…

This marks a new step forward in commerce capabilities, security, and performance. 2.4.4 is the fastest, most scalable version ever, helping businesses stay resilient in this everchanging commerce market. 2.4.4 sets a foundation for the next several years of Adobe innovation and enables customers to future-proof their digital commerce businesses with:

  • Faster access to innovative features delivered as SaaS services
  • Easier, more cost-effective maintenance and upgrades
  • Continued flexibility to customise and meet unique business needs
  • Significant increases in performance and scalability
  • Better developer experience and tooling

At C3, we’re encouraging all of our clients to migrate to 2.4.4 at the earliest convenience, to take advantage of the improved speed improvements expected from move to PHP 8.1. Here, we see speed improvements, as well as improved conversion rates and better search results.

The new release also supports greater volumes of sales, as this version is able to process 5x the transaction volumes and manage complex catalogs up to 10x larger than previous versions.

Future Proof

Many new features will be added to Adobe Commerce in 2022 – enhanced outside of version releases – and we expect to see many out-of-the-box vendor integrations removed, meaning lower long term maintenance costs.

Stay Secure and Compliant

With vulnerabilities being exposed (and hot-fixed!) in recent months, it shows the importance of keeping your ecommerce platform, or indeed any software, up-to-date. As the old adage goes, it’s a lot cheaper to upgrade than address an issue. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million!

Are you ready to upgrade to Adobe Commerce/Magento 2.4.4?

Our team is well-prepared to support this version and can assist with upgrade planning and implementation services. To learn more about this latest release, please feel free to contact us today.

Is it time for you to upgrade? Check our handy overview below…

April 2022 – Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source – 2.4.4                        

Sites running on an unsupported version should be dealt with as a critical issue and upgraded immediately.

Adobe Commerce VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of SupportPHP Version
2.4.310/08/2021Nov ’227.4
2.4.209/02/2021Nov ’227.4
2.4.115/10/2020Nov ’227.4
2.4.028/07/2020Nov ’227.4
2.3.711/05/2021Sept ’227.4
2.3.528/04/2020Unsupported7.2, 7.3
2.3.428/01/2020Unsupported7.2, 7.3
2.3.308/10/2019Unsupported7.1, 7.2, 7.3
2.3.225/06/2019Unsupported7.1, 7.2
2.3.126/03/2019Unsupported7.1, 7.2
2.3.028/11/2018Unsupported7.1, 7.2

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