The Cardbleed hack: a stark reminder to migrate to Magento 2

This has served as a wakeup call for remaining customers on Magento 1, and substantiates the warnings from across the industry, which have urged vendors to migrate as an absolute priority long before the platform’s end-of-life in June 2020.

Not only do these security risks compromise the safety of customer card data, but it could also have a negative impact upon website traffic, as an insecure site can mean a downfall of positions in search results. Customers will see a mark provided by search engines that Magento 1 stores are not safe to browse 1.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. In taking the steps to migrate to Magento 2, merchants will reap the benefits of the new platform. Think: a more user friendly interface; better SEO; faster page loading; and the ability to handle orders at a faster rate. For developers, Magento 2 supports the latest PHP technology which improves the overall speed of the site, and the code is cleaner 2. On top of this, Magento Commerce truly empowers merchants to own their customer experience, through crafting personalised pages and creating rich, frictionless experiences.

If you do not have a plan in place to migrate, now is the time to act. We are offering free consultation for any merchants currently using M1 and we can provide you with an estimated project timescale for a migration.

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