Faster Speed and Better Conversion Rates with Hyva and Magento

In September NEA launched its new website using C3 as their strategic eCommerce partner for both design and build. The results have been a huge success posting 20-50% improvements on Conversion Rates.

C3 have invested in training the team on Hyva, a new frontend framework that’s emerged from the Magento community. As a result we’ve managed to not only implement significant UX improvements through our new design but also achieved the most important area of a User’s Experience, Speed

What is Hyva?

Hyvä themes a great alternative for headless/PWA solutions, using the PHP-templating system that is built into Magento. Hyva rebuilt the entire frontend from the ground up prioritising speed and kept things light yet powerful.

“A standard Magento theme loads over 200 JS/CSS resources (1,5 megabytes), Hyvä loads only 2 JS/CSS resources (0,2 megabytes)!” – Hyva Themes.

Why prioritize speed?

It’s widely reported, case studied and known that if a website or feature is optimized for speed it will see greater uptake and conversion from your userbase. This is reflected in Google’s Hierarchy of UX requirements.

Speed is at the top of a Google Co-Authored study on Users Hierarchy of needs.
Speed Matters – from Google and Awwwards

What We achieved.

C3 prioritized Speed in the launch of the new NEA site and the results where instantly obvious. Conversion Rates where up 25% in the week after site launch and a 15% increase in overall sales. This has persisted against year on year results since they site launched in September. Speeds across all page types where up over 20% on average.

A 97 out of 100 Performance Score from Google Lighthouse for C3's recent rebuild of NE Appliances website.
Live test using

Want to implement Hyva or Learn more?

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to run through what implementing Hyva entails in more detail.

About the author

Matt Potter

Matt is our Business Development Manager at C3. Demonstrably tenacious, Matt has been evolving tech businesses and delivering digital products for over 14 years.