Site Search for Magento in 2023

Customers who use site search convert at 2x the rate, so let’s look at the options for Magento site search in 2023…

5 must-have Magento utilities for developers

There are so many Magento utilities that we find indispensable as developers. These are our top five, which have saved us time, avoided mistakes and made life easier for our clients. In no particular order, then…

Cutting the Gordian Knot: bypassing requirements in composer

Magento 2 makes heavy use of the composer dependency manager. There are times when this can be restrictive though – the meta-package sets all the required versions. Is that a problem? Actually, not that often; but it gives us the opportunity to learn some fun things about composer.

Testing Magento’s XMLRPC API

This sounds a little esoteric, but along side Magento 1’s more commonly used SOAP API, there is an option to call this using remote procedure calls. There is less documentation out there on this, and even less on how to diagnose any issues. So here are some tips to get you started!

Charging correct tax on shipping with Magento

If you are reading this then you may be concerned whether you are charging tax correctly for shipping. Over and under charging are both issues, so how do you work this out?